ZIERSCH service


Day-to-day operations often require swift action to be taken, especially if a malfunction occurs. The stocks we hold enable us to provide an immediate and flexible service for the delivery of spares and replacement of wearing parts. Lead times are less than 24 hours in some cases, and we also offer a special express option that can provide delivery in record time. This philosophy benefits our customers and puts you on the safe side at all times.

This service also includes comprehensive customer care. Regardless of whether you simply need a spare part or are seeking a holistic response to a problem that you face, we will be there to provide you with all the technical help you need. We will support you in the carrying out of repairs and also offer double security in the form of maintenance contracts and hardware and software upgrades. In addition to all of this, we can arrange training for your staff. Our aim is for everyone's experience of using ZIERSCH grinding machines to be a totally successful one.

Contract manufacturing

Time-to-market plays a key role in the success of your products. Getting product to the market quickly is important. Make use of the long experience and competence of our sister company Ziersch Fertigungstechnik for the manufacture of your high-quality products. Whether it be turning, milling, drilling or grinding, our core competency, we offer quick, flexible and uncomplicated contract manufacturing from our own facilities. Qualified staff process workpieces in sizes up to 3.200 x 1.500 mm. And the advantages are perfectly obvious: First-class communication without language barriers, a streamlined infrastructure with short lines of communication and a good price / performance ratio. Just give us a call.


We help our customers to become more efficient by providing training for your staff. We offer:
  • General training programs
  • Customer-specific training
  • Consulting
Contact us for your training needs. We would be happy to advise you.